fire safety plan
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  • If you need a fire safety plan, just call, text, or email us the building's address,

  • We will give you the quotation upon receiving the address and doing our research regarding the building via online resources (if we need additional information we will contact you),

  • After your acceptance of our quotation, we will contact you, or another person, to make an appointment for a site visit (usually we need an access to all service rooms in the building to prepare floor plans - we do not bother residents/tenants in their suites),

  • If you have any drawings related to the building, even old and outdated, they would be very helpful. 

  • Our visit in a building takes from 1 to 4 hours, depending on the size and complexity of the building,

  • After the site visit, we prepare the fire safety plan in our office and we submit it to the fire department who has the authority in the building's area,

  • Some fire departments charge additional fees for fire safety plans' review and approval (e.g. Toronto, Brampton, Waterloo, Guelph, Niagara Falls, Markham, Vaughan), 

  • After some time (depending on a fire inspector's workload), the fire inspector will contact you to visit the building and check if the submitted fire safety plan properly reflects the building's floor layouts, occupancy, and fire protection systems installed in the facility (it is not a regular, detailed fire inspection - it is only regarding the plan), 

  • If the fire inspector will have any comments or need any corrections, we will correct the plan and will be in touch with him/her, until the approval, 

  • Once the fire safety plan is approved, we will deliver you the plan (pdf copy or pdf and a hard copy, if needed) and we'll give you instructions regarding the implementation of the plan,

  • Implementation of a fire safety plan is the Ontario Fire Code's obligation of the building owner or manager. 

  • One hard copy of the approved plan shall be kept in the fire safety plan box in the vicinity of the main entrance to the building, together with keys for fire department to enter the building and main service rooms. 

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