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Occupant load means the number of persons for which a building or part of a building is designed.

The occupant load calculation for a floor area or part of a floor area, is based on many factors and it is very important for the building owner / manager to keep the occupant load below the required by the Ontario Fire Code maximum. 

The most important factors are:

(a) the number of seats in an assembly occupancy having fixed seats,

(b) two persons per sleeping room or sleeping area in a dwelling unit or suite, or

(c) the number of persons, for which the area is designed, or

(d) the number of persons, determined from a table in the Ontario Building Code or the Ontario Fire

To determine the occupant load for your building or rooms, we have to visit you, make the necessary measurements, and collect some information about your occupancy. We'll provide you our detailed calculations with related floor plans. 

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