fire safety plan
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After approval by a fire department, a Fire Safety Plan shall be implemented in the building, it means, all persons engaged in the building's fire safety must know the plan and his/her duties in case of fire or other emergency situation. 

According to sentence  (1) of the Ontario Fire Code: A fire safety plan shall be prepared, approved and implemented in buildings and premises. Implementation of the plan means that all supervisory staff shall be trained in its content and emergency procedures. 

The building owner/manager has numerous responsibilities as specified in the Fire Code and must ensure that the measures in the Fire Safety Plan are implemented.

We offer a professional training for supervisory staff, which includes;

  • explanation how all the fire protection systems in the building works, 

  • training in use of fire hose stations and fire extinguishers, 

  • training in operation of fire alarm control panels,

  • explanation of emergency procedures for supervisory staff and occupants, and

  • other topics requested by a client.

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